Letter to the editor: Who is backing Jamie Barberio financially?

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lettersDear Editor:

As a resident of Parsippany I ask myself. “Can a little person like me beat the high powered political well financed machine that the Barberio campaign is paying for? Can a man like Jonathan Nelson a candidate with limited resources win against big money?”

Jamie Barberio’s chief spokesman and campaign consultant Alan Zakin Associates doesn’t come cheap. Alan Zakin Associates ran Dick Zimmer’s campaign in 1990. It was the most expensive race of the 1990 campaign cycle. Who is backing Jamie Baberio financially? It is an impossible task to find out about since the money is filtered though the Morris County Republican Committee.

How was information from an Institution of Higher Learning on a private individual’s records obtained by Alan Zakin? Were they legally obtained and released since Alan Zakin refuses to releases his source on the grounds of anonymity? Did Zakin obtain this information as a payback for a favor owed to him?

Is this the way the Township of Parsippany has been run for the past four years by this administration? Favor for favor behind closed doors. Residents request for public records being denied. Residents paying for page after page of black line redacted sentences. In the recent documents published about Jonathan Nelson issued by the Baberio campaign the name of the party requesting his college degree verification was redacted. I challenge the coward to come forth or are they hiding behind closed doors?

 Who’s backing Jamie Barberio? You the residents of Parsippany or high powered individuals who don’t even reside in our township. Ask yourself . What interests do these individuals have in Parsippany? It leads me to believe promises are being made to outside individual at the expense of Parsippany’s future.

You decide on Tuesday, November 5th. Big money or We the residents? Who or which is more important?

Mary Purzycki

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