Letter to the editor: Spectre of RD Back in Parsippany

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lettersDear Editor:

We have demonstrated and brought to light the truth and value of the Waterview Property in its long-term value as a “natural resource asset” in our aquifer recharge, water quality and prevention of further flood conditions. Destroying this beautiful American Landscape makes no sense; it will only cost more in additional expensive and inefficient engineering needs that future tax payers will inherit. The loss of quality of life will be permanent.

RD has attempted to deceive the citizens and the Township concerning the true nature and value of this property.  The Rutgers Troy Brook Stormwater Study must be recognized as its research and conclusions were to benefit us all. The Citizens 4 HSW expert hydrologist, who was only given three minutes to testify, said it all; any disturbance of this landscape will only result in a domino effect of its total loss as an ecologic benefit.

The expert’s statements about property management using salts for snow and fertilizers and pesticides will only add to more extreme environmental degradation. The citizens have spoken and with good cause. We cannot let our seemingly biased planning board favor RD comeback. RD is in many ways harassing perhaps even terrorizing this community.

RD economics are not sustainable nor are they profitable in any sense of morality for the good of all.

Did anyone learn anything in this whole process? How about six dollars in taxes for the year per township resident under best case scenario and a not revealed amount of tax right off for RD?

Why is it so hard to understand we don’t need any more corporate development schemes here in Parsippany, we’ve had enough! This RD instant comeback proves the injustice and warped thinking of our Supreme Court decision of “citizens united” which says corporations are the same as individuals and money does not corrode or even hint at corruption.

Corporations are not people, let alone citizens they are the very reason our Nation cannot even function they are the forces of anti-Americanism. Money is loyal to itself, not to any Nation. Like Ian Flemings James Bond Novels we have become like SPECTRE Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion; in that money itself the sought after economic wealth to advance us all has impeded our democracy and divided us perhaps permanently. Money has become an end in itself not a means to advance society. RD my friend is part of this corporate greed that wishes to destroy all in its path for profit. RD is life taking, not life giving. Apparently Americans are too dumb to learn from history or science RD is nothing less than corporate fascism, an enemy.


Nick Homyak
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034

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