Letter to the editor: Councilman Nelson helps resident needs

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lettersDear Editor:

My wife and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to Parsippany councilman and mayoral candidate Jonathan Nelson for his assistance in our quest to have the township enforce its nuisance code.

For months, the grass continued to grow and the weeds continued to multiply on a neighboring property, in gross violation of township nuisance code.

It was an eyesore and a breeding ground for ticks and mosquitos.

As taxpaying residents of Parsippany for approximately two and a half decades, we expected that our first request to Mayor Barberio’s office for assistance would be promptly attended to, and the nuisance cleared by the town after going through the necessary legal process.

To our frustration, the Administration made no effort to help. Request number two was brushed off as well. We then reached out to Councilman Nelson to see if he knew of a more effective route to have the town hire a landscaping company to clear the overgrowth as the code allows.

The Councilman went to work immediately, and after running into inexplicable resistance from the Mayor, he was successful in shepherding through the necessary council resolution on August 20.

Nevertheless, the Administration took its sweet time and the overgrowth was not cleared until this past Wednesday—rendering my mosquito-infested backyard useless for the entire summer. We are supporting Councilman Nelson in his run for mayor because he made the simple effort that the Mayor did not.

We strongly urge our fellow residents to support Councilman Nelson as well.

 Lester & Melody Block



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