Letter to Editor: There he goes yet again

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lettersDear Editor:

Barberio misleads the residents and will not stop at anything to win an election – even lie.

In response to my resolution that would hold both the Mayor and Township attorney accountable to the taxpayers of Parsippany-Troy Hills, Mayor Barberio distorts the truth and is misinformed about the law.  Barberio correctly points out that Parsippany’s government is a Faulkner Act government and that the Council’s powers are enumerated in N.J.S.A. 40:69A-36.  A simple reading of this statute, specifically, section (m), provides the Council with powers under the Local Budget Law and Local Fiscal Affairs Law.

It is obvious that it is Barberio who does not understand the way government works after serving four years as Mayor. If he did, he would know that under N.J.S.A. 40A:5-16 and 17, that approval of claims, including bills, shall be approved or disapproved by the governing body.  Since the Council is the governing body, it is required to review and pass a resolution authorizing all monies paid unless an ordinance is passed stating otherwise. This includes all attorneys’ fees.

The question should be asked, why has the Mayor and his attorneys so blatantly sidestepped the intent of the law, and what are they attempting to hide?  The Mayor/Council form of government is one which creates checks and balances.  This Mayor believes that he, alone, should make all the calls in the Township and he acts more like a dictator then an elected Mayor.

I suggest that Jamie Barberio review the law before he starts drafting letters containing inaccurate information.

Councilman Jonathan Nelson

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