Letter to editor: Stumolo accusations about my absentee ballot fraud unfounded

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letters Dear Editor:

I, Jim Vigilante, former Parsippany-Troy Hills Council President attacked in court and media by Mike Strumolo and his attorney for absentee ballot fraud.

I am a nine time decorated Air Force Veteran and current Air Force Reservist and former Parsippany Council President responds to the accusations that I am hiding from appearing in court to respond to the accusations that I committed voter fraud.

First and foremost:  I DID NOT commit voter fraud and I have not been subpoenaed. It is very unfortunate for the residents of Parsippany that we have an individual, Mr. Strumolo, who will at any cost in his unquenchable thirst for political power, alienate the voting process and the good residents of our Asian community.

He has accused me of using my military status to hide from being subpoenaed. Over the last three weeks I have been home running my business; I’ve visited the Municipal Building on various occasions taking care of permits with the Building Dept., paid my third Quarter Taxes and I even had a conversation with the mayor’s confidential aid. I have eaten in local restaurants. I attended my required Air Force Reserve weekends (planned a year in advance). I just finished a 1,200 mile motorcycle ride (again, planned a year in advance) for America’s 9/11 Memorial Ride to raise monies for the children of First Responders affected by the horrific events of September 11 and I am currently on orders with the USAF Reserves.

So instead of accusing me of avoiding Mr. Stumolos subpoena by serving my country, and attempting to illegally serve my family members and terrorizing my mother, maybe Mr. Strumolo and his legal team should find a better service company.

I love public service and it has always been a part of my life. Weather serving my country as an Air Force First Sergeant or as an elected official, I truly enjoy it despite the character assassination from an individual that has no character or integrity and simply put; a “despicable individual”.  In the military we use phrases like “Integrity”, “Service before Self” and “Excellence in all that we do”. Maybe Mr. Strumolo should attempt to know and understand those phrases; maybe it could make him a better individual.

The bright side is now that this frivolous court case is over the will of the Parsippany Voters will be upheld and we can move forward with the Republican Candidates for Council and Mr. Strumolo will not be and elected official or a school board member anymore.

Notes on Jim Vigilante: Vigilante has served his country and served on the Parsippany Township Council for 12 years. The 9 time decorated U.S.  Air Force Reserves veteran recently completed a tour of duty in Kandahar, Afghanistan. During his time in Afghanistan, Vigilante was responsible for leading a large team in day to day operations at the Kandahar Airport.

James Vigilante