Letter to the editor: Is Whole Foods Anti-Union?

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lettersDear Editor:

Did the Union representatives  that were at the Township Council meeting yesterday, realize how anti union the CEO of Whole Foods is??

Do they really want to build a Store that is anti-union?

Did they realize that Target even has a video for new employees that is all about ANTI-UNIONS.  I think that they need to do research on the companies they are planning to build if this goes through. I for one am a Union Member .

I have been part of a Union as a college professor and I know on how both of these companies think about Unions.

So maybe we can “send ” to the leaders of this Union some of the articles and videos that are out there on both Target and Whole Foods?

Does anyone have a name of their Union reps if so I would be happy to enlighten them.

Robin Litwinsky