Parsippany Community Energy Aggregation Program: Is it right for you?

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lettersDear Editor:

I was wondering how many of Parsippany residents received or read the July 31, 2013 letter send out by our Mayor James Barberio entitled Your Invited to Parsippany Community Energy Aggregation Program on August 6, 2013. Of course it was not addressed to you. It was addressed to residential customer and came in the junk mail flyers.

The Mayor was so pleased to inform you that Parsippany will take control of your electric bill even though you will be still responsible to pay for it. If you obtain your power supply from JCP&L and do not have a third party supplier,you will automatically be put into the township’s Energy Aggregation Program. You do not have the choice of the (so called) opt in program. Oh, you can opt out  after Gabel Associates has taken over your private information from JCP&L. You can get on the opt out list now, but they will not give you a written guarantee that your private information will stay with JCP&L and not be obtained by them or the township for use.

It is too bad that you the residents are not a business or government entity. Then you can keep your constitutional right to decide for yourself to opt into the Energy Aggregation Program or not. Sad to say ordinance No 2013:23 of the township of Parsippany will deny you that right.

This is not a mandatory government program. Parsippany has enough problems trying to govern itself. The township does not need to get into the energy business and then force  the residents to join. This is nothing more than a subtle hostile takeover of your household finances.

The federal government in Washington is too intrusive in our daily lives already. Please do not let it happen to us on a local level.

The constitution guarantees you the rights to your own LIFE, the LIBERTY to decide for yourself what best serve your life’s needs and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS in the decisions you make for yourself independent of government intervention. Local government should not violate these rights.

If you feel as I do please call the Mayor’s office at (973) 263-4262 and tell Mayor James Barberio NO to this Energy Aggregation Program.

Mary Purzycki

Editors Note: To view the council meeting with discussions from the Township Consultant click here