EMS frees a child stuck in railing


policecarEmergency responders were dispatched to a Brooklawn Drive residence at 1:22 p.m. on Thursday, July 25 to assist a child who had gotten her head trapped between two metal stair rails.

Upon the arrival of Officers David Cavaliere and Joseph Chmura, they found that the four year old girl had her head trapped between the metal banister rails next to a set of stairs. Officers Cavaliere and Chmura were attempting to bend the rails far enough apart to dislodge the child when A Par-Troy EMS Unit arrived with a set of bolt cutters.

Officer Cavaliere cut through the banister as Par-Troy EMS Chief Dean Snook and Officer Chmura pulled the metal apart far enough to remove the trapped child. The girl was unharmed and did not require transportation to the hospital.

She was left in the custody of her mother.