Letter to editor: Waterview Delay Causing Cold Feet?


lettersDear Editor:

I find it interesting that the proposed Waterview ordinance, which was supposed to be reintroduced on July 16, at the Parsippany Town Council meeting, was pulled from the agenda at the last minute because it wasn’t “ready.” However, this ordinance has been in the works for months.

Could the administration be concerned about the growing backlash? Maybe it should be. This backlash, otherwise known as Citizens for Health, Safety & Welfare (C4HSW), is a well organized group of 600+ residents from Parsippany and neighboring towns. They also have a top lawyer working for them. Earlier this year, residents of Hawthorne, NJ, defeated a plan to have Walmart move in. C4HSW is fully prepared to do the same with Whole Foods.

How “green” of Whole Foods to want to tear down 26.6 acres of woods, laden with wildlife, put in a 137,000 square foot big box store, a strip mall, 1,100 parking spaces and 65 three-story townhouses.

Maybe Whole Foods and friends can move their destination to one of the innumerable vacant office buildings that are all along Route 46 in Parsippany, or take their whole act to another town.

Paula Mondschein