Letter to the editor: Barberio does it again

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lettersDear Editor,

Mayor Barberio has done it again. If you are not aware Mayor Barberio has forbidden all department heads from speaking with Councilman Jonathan Nelson (who is a sitting councilman). He has accused Councilman Nelson of harassing department heads yet he refuses to give details. I find this all to be ludicrous and suspicious.

Councilman Nelson was elected by “Parsippany residents” to represent them. If that entails talking to department heads or anyone else employed by the township than so be it. How dare Mayor Barberio take such an action? The council’s job is to know what’s going on in town, keeping residents informed and responding to residents concerns.

To know Councilman Nelson is to know that harassment is not in his nature. To believe Councilman Nelson harassed township employees you would have to believe that Mayor Barberio never wrote a leniency letter on behalf of a friend’s son who was arrested with eight pounds of marijuana.

Is Mayor Barberio taking too much control of our township? We are governed by the Faulkner Act which basically gives the Mayor final say on everything. He can even ignore our councilmen’s decisions, which he has done in the past. I attended council meetings throughout the past three administrations and have never witnessed such an abuse of power. I can honestly say this is a first. The Mayor has his own agenda, which at times has left the public asking “why is he doing this”? Does he have the residents of Parsippany in his thoughts? Is he listening to residents’ concerns? I personally don’t think he is. The Mayor not only told department heads not to speak with Councilman Nelson but they were also told not to speak with specific residents of Parsippany. I wonder who they are?

If township employee’s feel they are being harassed and intimidated by the Mayor they should report it. This could be considered a “hostile work environment”. One such case netted an employee hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet the behavior by the Mayor continues.

In ending I ask the residents of Parsippany if this is the kind of  Mayor we want? Can we do better?

This is not a political statement nor an endorsement of any candidate. I am a concerned resident who believes in honest and open government and this action by Mayor Barberio in my opinion doesn’t fit that definition.


Pat Petaccia