Comedy-Drama LOVE IN A COFFEE SHOP to Premiere at Clearview


loveinacoffeeshopMike Lordi of Lordi Films, brings to life the story of three couples trying to find the meaning of love and relationships while living in New York City. The script is from first time screenwriter, Peter Panagos, and marks the first collaboration for Lordi Films and Oh Well Productions. “LOVE IN A COFFEE SHOP” is set for a limited theatrical release on Thursday, June 27 at Clearview Parsippany Cinema, 3165 Route 46.

The buzz surrounding “LOVE IN A COFFEE SHOP” has been gaining momentum ever since Lordi Films’ last two films, “RETRIBUTION” screened at the New Filmmakers Festival in NYC in April 2011 and “BIG WEEKEND” debuted to two sold out shows in November 2011 at the Forum Theater. While “BIG WEEKEND” was an ensemble comedy filmed at multiple locations in NY, NJ and FL, “LOVE IN A COFFEE SHOP” takes place over the course of one night in a New York City coffee shop.

Since it’s different than anything else he has done, Lordi is excited, commenting “The writing is sensational. These are real characters with real situations that everyone can relate to. The cast is brilliant. It was a great experience to work with such a mix of up-and-coming actors from the New York/New Jersey area as well as veteran big screen and stage actors, Bill Weeden and Freddie Maas. I’m ecstatic about the music in the film as well. The original score by Ryan Leach, the songs by Alder and the instrumentals of Son Lewis bring it all together.”

Lordi continued “I can’t say enough about the incredible crew. They were tremendous and went above and beyond to make it happen behind the scenes. I also have to give a special thanks to Harry and Dino Koulouris, the owners of the Cloud 9 Diner on 9th Avenue in New York City, for letting us film there. The diner, a character in itself, has great atmosphere and food including the best grilled cheese in the city.”

For more information about both premieres visit Lordi Films-Love in a Coffee Shop or