Letter to the editor: Occupancy Fee Tax

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lettersDear Editor,

At the Parsippany Troy-Hills regular council meeting, on June 18, 2013, I gave a presentation regarding the implementation of the Hotel/Motel Occupancy Fee tax on boarding home rooms.

The occupancy fee tax is charged for any room rented for less than 90 days by state statue effective August 1, 2003. Therefore, the undersigned has determined that rooms rented in homes, condos, townhouses and apartments should be taxed for the occupancy fee tax along with sales tax.

The occupancy fee tax of 5% of the rental amount will generate at least $100,000 per year for the Parsippany Troy-Hills Township.  As for Governor Christie, I have just balanced your budget, a better quality of life for our townships, and looking forward to accompanying you on your road shows.

Think of the tax revenue this will generate statewide:

* Inner cities

* Vacation area rentals

* Apartments- occupied less than 90 days

I have prepared in writing compliance procedures, investigative methods, and the implementation process.

Tuesday night, June 18, 2013 I requested a private meeting with Mayor Barberio to discuss this matter further and expedite this tax revenue source. As of 12:00 p.m.  Friday, June 21, 2013 Mayor Barberio has not contacted me.


Roy Messmer