Waterview crisis and the current election

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lettersDear Editor:

The subject “community”, what is a it exactly, if not a relation of land and people; we all exist in a place and time. The time and place have also been part of a geological and a human history which has given it its character in this time and place.

Community would be then recognizing and maintaining this balance and understanding its unique elements so as to maintain this character. Too much change stemming from one aspect or political disrespect toward not recognizing the uniqueness of community; the man land relationship spells disaster.

A healthy look around at Parsippany one can see the overdone development of impervious surface which has destroyed many areas of the once “Arcadian Suburbs”and expanse of woods and wetlands. Parsippanys’ place of land is a special zone of geography known as the Highlands; which consists of 17% of New Jerseys’ Land mass and supplies 65% of the inhabitants water. The present Town Administration downplays this most important element of community; this shrinking 17% of land mass and our responsibility to it as good people.

The present “crisis” and it is a crisis around the Waterview Development has demonstrated a lack of common sense or sense of place. We need an administration that represents this element of life, water. Instead we have a Town council and Planning board that advocates the rights above all else of developers, which are not part of the community but apart from it. Their interest clearly is not with the community or with the special place of our position in time and space.

Parsippany has had enough, we need to get back to the land or what is left of it. We all drink water, though some thinks it comes from a plastic bottle.Civilization is the steady “improvement of society” not the continued development of our Nations land for profit. More than enough development has occurred and lots of it sits idle unused and ecologically dead because of impervious surface which robs the land of its water, depletes and contaminates our aquifers and spreads litter and trash everywhere. This over development has ruined our historical relation with the land and its history its once sacred places totally erased. No mutual benefits can come, other than a minimalism of dollars in pockets.

Parsippany claim is to its position of most favorite places to live or be; this is not something permanent and is in a sense conjecture and hearsay. Developing the land is permanent and irreversible its accumulative effects mounting to environmental disaster.

No more land destruction, give us our community.

Nick Homyak
Lake Hiawatha

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