Letter to Editor: If Mr. Inglesino thinks he can bully Parsippany residents he’s wrong

lettersDear Editor:

My fellow residents should know what occurred after Tuesday night, May 14, 2013, council meeting. Mr. John Inglesino, township attorney, for whatever reason took the long way out of the auditorium thereby passing the undersigned while I was speaking to Brendan Kuty, NJ.com reporter and present Lou Valori. Mr. Inglesino probably overheard NJ.com reporter asking me to get one of the Indian residents to come forward regarding my earlier evening statement that I have been told by three Indian residents that Mr. Jigar Shah has been constantly harassing them to change party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. I made the statement that Mr. Inglesino will do anything to keep his $2,800,000.00 pay day. Mr. Inglesino took umbrage to that comment and proceeded to repeat verbatim what I did and said in February 2011 when almost every year I give the public the 1099 income amounts reported to I.R.S. for township attorneys since Henry Luther, Esquire. Mr. Inglesinos voice was extremely raised and pointed his finger very close to my face. I told him to move his finger. These are Inglesino, Pearlman, Wycyskala 1099 figures: 1)     Year 2011 = $1,012,570.00 2)     Year 2012 = $696,043.00 Mr. Inglesino has instructed township clerk’s office to redact detailed information from his billing invoices when O.P.R.A. request is properly submitted. I am sure my fellow residents will recall Mr. Inglesino’s disrespect and constitutional violation of Pat Petaccia rights on April 9, 2013. I have publicly asked for Mr. Inglesino’s resignation. If Mr. Inglesino thinks he can bully Parsippany residents he’s wrong.

Roy Messmer

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