Letter to the Editor: It Has to be in Someone’s Backyard

lettersDear Editor:

You may be thinking, “Hey, Parsippany is a big town! I don’t care if 26.6 acres of woods are knocked down to put in a Whole Foods, a big box retailer, 65 three-story townhouses, a strip mall and 1,100 parking spaces. After all, the area known as Waterview, is several miles from my house.” (Where Route 46 meets Intervale Road)

Well, maybe you do mind:

Are you concerned about overcrowding in our schools? The children from these townhouses won’t all neccessarily go to Intervale school. They will be farmed out to ALL Parsippany schools, to average out class sizes, which are already maxed out. These large class sizes are with recent additions to several of our schools. So don’t plan on seeing more additions being built anytime soon.

Property values near this development will likely drop, (who wants this in their backyard?) Thus, less tax revenue per house. Guess who makes up the difference in taxes? The rest of Parsippany!

Need to get your kid across town at rush hour? Or trying to get somewhere yourself? Add thousands of extra cars a day to our current Route 46 traffic, and you get the idea.

Wish you could water your lawn more? Wait till you see the new water restrictions, due to additional demands placed on town water, needed to support all this new development. These extra demands on our already restricted water supply, will lead to poorer water quality for ALL Parsippany residents.

The application to rezone this tract of land from office to commercial use, is very vaguely worded.
This ambiguity could lead to the ENTIRE 132 acre tract of land, currently zoned as office space, being rezoned for commercial use. This would set a terrible precedent for Parsippany. If we allow one tract to be rezoned, what stops developers from rezoning the town’s many vacant offices into commercial use? Parsippany could become a strip mall nightmare!

And then there’s one more thing that’s nagging me. Besides having abundant wildlife, there is a historic cemetery in these woods, where eight people were buried between 1868 and 1905. Will these bodies be exhumed? Or will the cemetery be in the middle of the produce aisle of the new Whole Foods?

What can you do to fight this senseless development?

Town Councilman Paul Carifi is running for Mayor. Paul and his running mates, Robert Peluso and Lou Valori recently wrote a letter to Intervale residents, CLEARLY stating his opposition to the Waterview project. He is the ONLY Council member to  oppose this development, and offer quality alternatives for economic growth in Parsippany.

Please keep this in mind, when you vote in the  Primary on Tuesday, June 4th!

Paula Mondschein

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