Vigilante to “Lead By Example”


County Clerk Candidate will take 10% Pay Cut; Questions Grossi’s pattern of desperate tactics

Jim Vigilante, file photo

Morris County Clerk Candidate Jim Vigilante, a small businessman and former Parsippany Councilman, told a crowd of supporters last night at the Randolph Republican Club Meeting that he would “Lead by Example” and pledged to reduce his salary by 10% if elected as Morris County Clerk.   I challenge my opponents to do the same.

His military background, his operational experience in a war zone, and small business experience has given him the skill set and work ethic to “Lead by Example”.  “These are still difficult economic times and one must ‘Lead by Example” commented Vigilante who has been in the Air Force Reserves for 18 years and the 9-time decorated Veteran who recently completed a tour of duty at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan last year.

I have managed people and solved problems. “In today’s struggling economy we are asking our workers to do more with less and contribute more to their benefits while they are making less.  As Morris County Clerk my salary cut of 10% will set the tone “My key goal as Morris County Clerk will be an efficiently run and highly motivated organization.  Government must find ways to deliver the same services at a lower cost.

Vigilante went on to state: “County residents will find that I am a very passionate, motivated and hard working person. I feel that I have to prove myself to the workers, and more importantly, the taxpayers of Morris County. My record of service to our community and our nation demonstrates my level of commitment.”

Vigilante also questioned a pattern of desperate tactics by another candidate, Ann Grossi, who falsely posted on her campaign website an endorsement from current County Clerk Joan Bramhall.  Until a few days ago Grossi’s website displayed the following text, “Ann Grossi recently kicked off her campaign event at the VFW post 3401 in Morris Plains where Joan Bramhall endorsed Ann and stated that Ann would be the best person for the position of County Clerk.”

Vigilante commented, “After seeing this quote I asked Clerk Joan Bramhall if she had endorsed Ann Grossi and she stated that she had not.  Shortly after that conversation the quote was removed from Grossi’s website.  We have a clear a pattern of deception from the Grossi campaign.  As reported last week she announced at a Mt Olive Republican Club meeting that as clerk she would create a Veteran’s ID Card, when in fact, as I demonstrated with my own card, that program already exists. Now she claims an endorsement from Joan Bramhall and is forced to take that off her campaign website.  Then there was her whisper campaign that I was lying about my service record” Vigilante concluded, “Could it be that after having spent most of her career in state government and working for the Newark school system, Ms. Grossi is desperate for a big pension payout and lifetime health benefits as her key priority in being elected County Clerk?  In contrast my priority will be the taxpayers of Morris County starting with a voluntary 10% pay cut.”