Heroes Journey Crossfit Lake Parsippany Opens


Heroes Journey Cross Fit, held its official grand opening  Saturday, March 23. The event included a workout for the public and then a ribbon cutting and ceremony that included music, food and fun.

We’re in the midst of a weight-loss and fitness journey, so we can tell you: There are a lot of gyms and fitness centers in Parsippany. Only one, however, offers the Crossfit experience, and that’s because this new place has Crossfit in its name: Heroes Journey: Crossfit Lake Parsippany.

The new 12,000 square foot gym is located at 5 Eastmans Road, Parsippany.

Community drives motivation.  The only motivation people need to get the results they desire is to get their butt in the car and walk through the front door.  Once at the location, the energy of the community motivates people to work out at a relatively intense pace and keep coming back.  People fall in love with the community, said gym owner Stephen Silverstein.

Crossfit seems to be the new wave in fitness. Hailed by many as “revolutionary,” it’s a new form of fitness being adopted by people of all ages, from NFL football players to kids to the elderly. Crossfit is based on results and offers classroom-based exercises based on functional movements, Olympic-style lifts, gymnastics, and traditional aerobic exercises such as running and rowing.