Grossi Attacks Vigilante’s Military Service Record



At the Mount Olive Republican club meeting on Wednesday, March , Ann Grossi of Parsippany, a candidate for County Clerk, accused another candidate for County Clerk, Jim Vigilante, of lying about his military service record.

“I am disappointed by Ann Grossi’s false accusations,” commented Mr. Vigilante, “I have focused on my private business experience; my service for 12 years as a councilman; and my 18 years of service in the Air Force Reserves. I have answered my nations call to Active Duty on numerous occasions, the most recent last year at Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan.  After I spoke, I was shocked to hear her tell members of the club along with local elected officials and Morris County elected officials that I was lying about my military record.”

“I deserve an apology and to have Mrs. Grossi stop denigrating my military service record. I have and continue to serve our country honorably as a Reservist in the United States Air Force.”

Jim Vigilante, a former Parsippany Councilman and business owner indicated Ann Grossi may have been upset that he pointed Grossi’s idea for Veterans ID Card was already in existence.  “When she mentioned the Veteran’s ID card as part of her platform, I showed the Mt. Olive Republicans my Veteran ID card issued by the County Clerk’s office on 2/13/13; as the program already exists.  While she may have been unhappy that I pointed out a flaw in her political platform, she should explain why she chose to respond by attacking my service in the military, and apologize”, not only to me but all Veterans.