The residents of Parsippany are being deceived once again


Dear Editor,

It appears that the resident’s of Parsippany are being deceived once again. The fact that Mayor Barberio has refused to answer resident’s questions outright is testament to that.

At the town council meeting of March 12 Councilman Brian Stanton verified the following:
a) there was a meeting held at 8:00 p.m. Sunday, January 13, 2013 at town hall
b) there was discussion of creating a new job in the police department and that Brian was asked to poll other council members for their support
c) town attorney John Inglesino was in attendance
d) Brian did request resumes from Councilman Paul Carifi and Lou Valori.

The Town Council meeting of March 19 also had its problems. Two residents asked Mayor James Barberio specific questions regarding the Sunday, January 13 meeting. The Mayor refused to answer advising the residents to “wait” until the next day because he had sent out a press release to all the newspapers regarding this matter.  The Mayor’s response of March 20 discussed the retirements of Lou Valori and Paul Carifi  but it did not address the questions that were posed to him at the town council meeting. The questions Mayor Barberio refuses to answer are as follows:

1)     Did this January 13  8:00 p.m. Sunday meeting take place?  What was the purpose of this meeting?  Was there discussion about creating a new position at the police department?    (Councilman Stanton confirmed this, why won’t the Mayor)?

2)     What was the purpose of town attorney John Inglesino’s attendance at this meeting? Was this billable time? What was the town billed for his services on that day?  If the township wasn’t billed than the question becomes WHY NOT?

3)      Did Mayor Barberio ask Councilman Stanton to get resumes from Councilman Carifi and Lou Valori? Why were the resumes requested? If the Mayor didn’t ask Councilman Stanton to request these resumes than who did?

4)     Why weren’t the police chief or deputy chief in attendance?  (This meeting was to create a new position within the police department. One would think they should have input)

I would think these questions are simple enough to answer so why is Mayor Barberio not being transparent? Why is the Mayor avoiding responding to these specific questions? Mayor Barberio I implore you to respond to these questions in the media. If there is nothing to hide give the residents of Parsippany the answers they deserve instead of the dribble that was your reply of March 20.  Put the PRIDE back in Parsippany.

Pat Petaccia



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