Vote for responsible leadership in Parsippany on June 4th


Dear Editor:

I recently received a letter in my mailbox from Councilman Paul Carifi, Jr., who is running for Mayor in Parsippany. In his letter, Mr. Carifi STRONGLY opposes the Waterview Plaza Plan, which will tear down 26.6 acres of woods, that are filled with wildlife and a historic cemetery. The area borders Route 46 to the south and Intervale Road to the west.

What will replace these woods? A Whole Foods, a big box retailer, a strip mall with 1,100 parking spaces and 65 three-story townhouses.

How will this development affect you? Area property values will likely drop, resulting in higher taxes for all Parsippany residents. Thousands of additional cars daily will be added to current Route 46 traffic. You’ll also get more air pollution, noise pollution, light pollution, and more water restrictions along with poorer water quality, due to additional demands placed on town water.

Mr. Carifi is the ONLY Mayoral candidate to oppose this senseless development!!  He wants to revive the local economy by filling EXISTING commercial space, which is everywhere in Parsippany, and not by destroying more neighborhoods and property values.

We must USE OUR VOTING LEVERAGE to make sure that we elect a mayor who will reject this plan!

You must be a registered Republican to vote for Paul Carifi in the June 4th primary. If you wish to re-affiliate your party for this election, send in this simple form:

DON’T WAIT!! The form must be received by April 10, 2013.

Send to:

Morris County Superintendent of Elections

Ms. Dale Kramer, Chief Deputy

PO Box 900

Morristown, NJ 07963-0900

Contact: 973-285-6715  8:30am-4:30pm

They cannot accept faxed copies or emailed forms, as an original signature is required.

If you are not sure which party you are registered with, call the Morris County Clerk at 973-285-6066 to confirm.

Let your voice be heard on June 4th!

Paula Mondschein



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