Council did right by tabling overlay zone


Dear Editor:

On behalf of Citizens For Health, Safety, and Welfare, we believe the Council did the right think by tabling the draft overlay rezoning ordinance during it’s March 19, 2013 meeting. The governing body recognized the need to further investigate all of the available options in order to ensure that there are true benefits to the residents.

We appreciate that the council didn’t rush to judgment, took the time to listen to the residents, and were not intimidated by a developer who is desperate to quickly make a profit without the slightest regard for those who will be most negatively impacted by his proposal. At this point, we strongly urge the governing body to slow down, gather all the facts, listen to both sides, and carefully deliberate before rushing to judgment and making a decision.

There is so much at stake with this colossal and substantial draft ordinance, and once the council moves forward, there is no undoing the effects it will have on community. While we understand the need to listen to the developer’s point of view, we implore the council (and planning board) to also listen closely to our point of view, the point of view of our experts, and the point of view of the citizens who are so genuinely concerned.

As always, we welcome any opportunity for any council member to meet with and address the Trustees and Board of our organization.

David Kaplan

President, CHSW


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