Parsippany Sewer Plant Catches the “Wave”


Innovation, ingenuity and an ideology based on environmental protection, efficiency and cost
containment, led the Association for Environmental Authorities, AEA, to award the Township of
Parsippany’s newly upgraded Sewer Plant the Wave Award in the Energy Savers category.

“Three years ago, the Township made the bold move to invest in a multimillion dollar upgrade to
our plant that ultimately raised the bar on the quality and reliability of service at a significantly
reduced cost to Parsippany ratepayers,” stated Mayor Barberio.

The AEA holds its annual Wave Awards Program in Atlantic City to recognize excellence in the
public water, wastewater, recycling, and solid waste sector in NJ. Award applicants must meet
stringent criteria supported by field-proven data.

Once the Township made the decision to upgrade the plant, a full evaluation was conducted of
the old system and it was determined that the existing three-stage sludge system be replaced by a
single sludge, four-stage feed one. This change alone reduced the plant’s footprint by fifty
percent, leaving a full section of tankage to market for other waste treatment uses.
Prior to the plant’s upgrade, the average monthly electrical cost to run the plant was $135,000.
With increased plant efficiency and executing the Township’s ability to hold a public bid auction
to secure the lowest possible electric rates, electric costs dropped by approximately 72% or to
$38,000 per month.

Actively seeking other methods to reduce the plant’s electrical costs, the foresight of redundancy
planning and the availability of 50% more tankage capacity, the Township has created great
opportunity to study the acceptance of other forms of waste. It also offers truckers another
option to dispose of waste that may be in closer proximity than their usual depository. Mayor
Barberio added, “I couldn’t be prouder of the Plant’s leadership team and I look forward to the
future development of new business at our waste water treatment facility.”