Town council Waterview zoning ordinance proposal March 19


Dear Editor:

Parsippany Township Attorney Inglesino didn’t know what he was saying concerning Highlands Conformance and how “the Block Lot” could have fit into the Highlands Master Plan. Don’t think for one minute these guys on the planning board took any effort to diminish the developers exceeding demands. Inglesino also seemed more worried about saving the town from “fantasy” lawsuits. Who would sue the town for not allowing 3 minutes because the attorney for dont rezone wished to argue the case?

In fact it is becoming clear why the developer went to the town; because he saw a weak spot of political liking where he thought he could overcome his obstacles. Obstacle one and foremost, when he purchased the property he knew it was zoned in the past for a purpose already. He also knew that he was in the Troy Brook watershed and dealing with Wetlands and aquifers. He should have been made aware of the Rutgers Study by the Township; in fact Mayor Barberio is aware of this study and has business program scheduled for April 17th with Doctor Obropta the very man who supervised it.

If the Township had opted for the Highlands Master Plan Conformance Petition this land would have been protected already. This also demonstrates our Township leaders’ lack of environmental awareness. Innovation, real caring for the future of the community is found here not in our vulnerability to be preyed on by developers. Lastly lots of talk about water and its amounts, well go the highlands website for the answer, but besides quantity of water there is quality. Waterview helps keep our waters recharged and clean.

Nick R Homyak
Lake Hiawatha


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