It’s Official! Chevys Tex Mex Restaurant is not reopening!

The building on the corner of Route 202 and Littleton Road, the former location of the Chevys Fresh Mex was available.

Inside the front entrance, lay pages and pages of blue prints of the floor plans of Chevy’s.  The building was stripped of everything.

The floors are down to the original concrete, the walls are back to cinder block, the tables removed, the interior decorations gone.  Most of the windows are still boarded up.  The only remaining memories that even Chevy’s existed at the location is the sign on Route 10 and Littleton Road, and a few signs on the exterior of the building.

Fire damaged the Chevys Fresh Mex Restaurant on the morning of May 11, 2011

On May 11, 2011,  a motorist reported he saw flames shooting through the restaurant’s roof at about 8:45 a.m.  The general alarm fire caused total damage to the interior of the building.  On a Youtube video, you can hear the evacuation horns blowing, to notify all of the firemen in the building to get out that the roof was about to collapse. (click here to see the video)

Authorities said a blaze that severely damaged the Chevys restaurant and injured a firefighter was sparked by the ignition of grease in a ceiling duct.

Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi said the fire was ruled accidental, although the sign on the door says “Nefco Fire Investigations, Do not remove, alter or disturb anything on the premises. EVIDENCE.”

Numerous calls to Chevy’s offices located in Cypress, California over the past years indicate the restaurant was reopening.

We were advised the property is under contract, although they would not give information on who the contract is with at this time. A search of the number shows SCD, Inc, 237 South Street, Morristown, is listed as the number offering the restaurant; the company is a real estate developer.

Chevy’s founded in 1986 in Alameda, California, Chevys is an ultra-casual restaurant concept that offers guests an array of freshly prepared Mexican dishes prepared from scratch using only the freshest ingredients served in a relaxing atmosphere. With a store base of 60 Company-owned and 18 franchised restaurants, Chevys is a national brand spanning 16 states.

The closet Chevy’s Restaurant is located at 375 Route 3 East, Clifton.