Carifi for Mayor announces intention to run with Peluso and Valori for Council


carifiNow, more than ever, we need leaders in government who listen to each individual taxpayer and collectively provide responsive and responsible government with a plan.

It was no surprise that several community leaders launched their campaigns to serve Parsippany in protecting the quality of life for its taxpayers while controlling taxes and promoting economic development.  Last month Councilman Paul Carifi Jr. announced his candidacy for Mayor at Rick’s Bistro near the Powdermill, Sedgefield and Glacier Hills parts of Parsippany to show his support for community and economic development throughout the community.  In addition, Robert Peluso, long-term Community Leader,  finance and budget specialist along with Civic Leader and retired Parsippany Police Sergeant, Dr. Louis Valori jointly announced their candidacy for Council in Lake Hiawatha Park, where they confirmed their commitment to making Parsippany affordable while protecting the quality of life for its taxpayers.

In Lake Parsippany today where Mayoral Candidate Paul Carifi Jr. grew up, he along with Council candidates Robert Peluso and Louis Valori met to discuss their campaign platforms.  “Like many people in our community, our families mean everything to us and it became clear to me that this year’s election is about Parsippany’s Future. It’s about who is best prepared to face the challenges ahead to make Parsippany the most affordable place to live with the BEST services in New Jersey.” said Carifi. “We are taxpayers and Parsippany is special to us as we intend to continue Making a Difference for Parsippany’s residents, businesses, and volunteers. Collectively we found few things more enjoyable than working with our community through our combined 70 years of accomplishment in serving our community.” stated Peluso. “It is clear that our diversity in education, knowledge, and experience makes us a solid team to lead Parsippany.” Valori further noted.

Today, we humbly announce our joint campaign Carifi Jr. for Mayor, Peluso and Valori for Council in Parsippany.  Collectively, we agree that which is broken – we need to fix.  That which is good – we need to make better while listening to our community.  That being said, we do happen to face some real challenges in our community.  The cost of living is increasing and we are taking home less to cover the expenses that are mandated upon us through taxes.  Traffic has been increasing, flooding issues have not been resolved, and businesses are moving out at an alarming rate.  It’s time to take a long hard look at how local government operates and we have a plan to address the issues.  It’s time to treat our homeowners, our neighbors, and our businesses – as more than just a source of tax revenue.  Our fight is your fight for our community. We want your vote and promise you this: We won’t back down from the tough challenges, We will never go along just to get along, and we will fight to make sure that your tax dollars are spent wisely.