Taming the Frenzy: How to incorporate daily habits to optimize brain functioning

NJAWBO Lunch Meeting

Neurophysiology is proving what we have known intuitively all along; when you take care of yourself physically and emotionally, your brain functions optimally leading to greater focus, productivity and energy. Learn the daily habits that will lead less stress, overwhelm and fatigue, allowing you to thrive professionally and personally.  This event will be held on Friday March 1, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Parsippany Sheraton Hotel, in Jestor’s Court, 199 Smith Road.

About the Speaker

Ellen Goldman

Ellen Goldman created EnerGcoaching, LLC, to help overextended business professionals and entrepreneurs who are worried about their health and happiness, and are either exhausted, burnt out, out of shape, overweight, or all of the above! She shows clients how to integrate health into their busy lifestyles with simple, small steps that lead to massive change, resulting in greater energy, focus, productivity and happiness every day. Ellen is a Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. She holds a BS and Masters in Physical Education, and is certified by American College of Sports Medicine, Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, and Wellcoaches Corporation. To learn more about Ellen and her wellness programs, visit www.EnerGcoaching.com

Ellen G. Goldman, M.Ed.     EnerGcoaching, LLC

Certified Wellness Coach      www.EnerGcoaching.com
973.535.8891                         ellen@EnerGcoaching.com

Pre-registration pricing: Members: $25.00;  Non-members: $35.00

At the Door pricing: Members: $30.00; Non-members: $35 .00

For more information contact Carolyn Curtis, NJAWBO Region 3, marketing@njawboregion3.org  or call (973) 267-6156.