It’s Not Too Late for a Flu Shot


Morris County’s health officer reminds you that it is not too late to get your influenza vaccine.

While flu season generally peaks in January, the season can extend into May, according to Carlos Perez, director of the county’s Office of Health Management.

Perez appeared before the Morris County Freeholders during their Jan. 23 work session to update them on the impact influenza was having on the county this year.

He said the incidences of flu in the county have been moderate to high, but that overall, Morris has fared well compared to other areas of the state.

The county has not experienced a vaccine shortage, according to Perez, who noted the Center for Disease Control recommends everyone aged six months and older get vaccinated. He added it is advisable to always check with your physician before obtaining the vaccine.

In addition to getting a flu shot, practicing preventative measures such as frequent hand washing, can also protect you against infection, Perez said.

Perez told the freeholders he has met with school superintendents and municipal health officers to discuss preventative steps they can take to help minimize the incidences of flu including the cleaning of frequently used or touched items such as telephones, light switches, toilet handles, doorknobs, faucets and handles.

Additional information about influenza can be found on the Morris County Office of Health Management website,