Troy Hills Elementary School’s K-Kids put together “The Kindness Project”

Troy Hills Elementary School's K-Kids "The Kindness Project."

PARSIPPANY — Troy Hills Elementary School’s Kiwanis K-Kids put together a week of kindness during the first week in June called “The Kindness Project.” Prior to its start, students in 4th and 5th grades who are in K-Kids made posters and went around to all of the classes to talk about the week.

Students and teachers kicked off the week by wearing pink and purple to brighten our school and our hearts. Each student painted a rock with a motivational word or phrase. During the week, classes took their rocks out and put them in our Kindness Rock Garden, which is located near the entrance of our school. 
Throughout the whole week, we made our Kindness Tree bloom with hearts of kindness. Whenever a student saw a random act of kindness, they wrote it on a heart, and we put the hearts on our tree. Students announced 4-5 acts of kindness each day from the hearts over the loud speaker, and they motivated everyone to be kind towards one another.
The tree was in full bloom by the end of the week, and the rock garden looks fantastic. They are reminders for us to be compassionate and generous towards others. The students have been working on demonstrating positive character traits all school year, and this was a great way for them to apply what they learned. It was a great way to end the school year!