Letter to the editor: Inappropriate Marijuana Resolution Proves Nothing

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parsippany focusDear Editor:
This resolution was not worth the time, and no real due diligence was performed in examining its need as NJ officials have not passed any laws. Perhaps as a law enforcement officer Councilman Carifi should of excused himself? Again mixing marijuana in the soup of drugs and opiates only demonstrates opinions not science, and dePierro’s mentioning of the Institute of Science Engineering Medicine is not correct in concluding the issue of marijuana addiction. Another ridiculous contention is that police have no way to detect if a person is stoned on pot while driving. Only probable cause by police would allow a person to be pulled over.Erratic driving, or a tail, light out, and it would proceed from that situation. Marijuana can be smelled and then discovery of perhaps alcohol to add to the list after probable cause.
Trumped up morality
This resolution is like most political situations today out of sync with facts and the majority of knowledgeable citizens. Will Parsippany arrest people if the State passes legal marijuana? Meanwhile pharmaceutical drugs and health insurance,for profit infect the soul of our society.
Better thought resolutions
 This resolution was inappropriate and proves nothing, and was used to divide not unite people. Alcohol related trash litters our landscapes and streets, and even in places like ShopRite is openly promoted and in forms easy to drink and drive. An Ordinance to prevent the sales of small liquor bottles, or plastic styrotrash would’ve shown some degree of real concern for the issue of addiction and quality of life.
 In retrospect what could the real difference be between medical marijuana or legalizing decriminalizing this plant? The greed issue mentioned at Council by the public is better aimed at the for profit health care and drug corporations that exploit us. 

Legal drugs may or may not cause or increase
Drowsiness. Dizziness. Restlessness. Weight gain (the risk is higher with some atypical antipsychotic medicines) Dry mouth. Constipation. Nausea. Vomiting. Heart Palpitations. Hallucinations. Do not operate machinery or motor vehicle anxiety or suicidal feelings. All these from prescription drugs.
Lawsuit: Parsippany zoning tactics illegal
The public be reminded it was councilman dePierro that voted against his own community in the Waterview episode. Despite overwhelming public opposition, no just cause and a council No Vote. He sided with a rude and inconsiderate RD developer, for a questionable tax rateable changed the character of a beautiful neighborhood forever, (perhaps to insure his own salary paid for by our tax dollars). He will rave about the Carfi lawsuit, but remains silent on the lawsuits brought against us by RD developer and others related to waterview. He also purposely mislead and misinformed the public on the issue of public housing using that as a tactic to side with RD developer against his own community. Waterview landscape could not have been taken for COAH type housing. That is a fact that can be proven.
Nick Homyak
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034



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