Letter to the editor: Frustrated with Waterview Mud

parsippany focus

parsippany focusI am frustrated about the mud in the road on Waterview, I called the Engineering Department and put in a complaint.

There is soil from Route 46 to the top by Route 287. I know there is the Morris soil conservation act and it should be adhered to.

There are trucks in and out all day today and men with shovels in the road it is a real mess. When I called engineering they said a police lieutenant from traffic was going there to access the situation and the street sweeper was broken.

That is the builders problem; residents should not have to wash their cars because the sweeper is broken.  I left a complaint with the police lieutenant also and have heard nothing. The excavation company should be cleaning the tires of every truck! I am not being unreasonable drive out there and you will see what I mean it is a mess.


Curtis Hardenburg

Editor’s Note: Parsippany-Troy Hills Engineering Department ordered the developer to sweep Waterview Blvd immediately and the township will remain diligent in making sure the developer abides to his agreement which includes not tracking mud onto the roadways.


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