Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp and Chief Assistant Prosecutor Brad Seabury honored by Morris CARES

MORRIS COUNTY — On December 18, 2017, Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp was joined by Chief Assistant Prosecutor Brad Seabury, at an award ceremony for ‘Morris CARES’. ‘Morris CARES’ is a non-profit, recovery oriented sanctuary, based in Rockaway,mthat works to change the lives of those suffering from an opioid or heroin addiction. They focus on utilizing peer support throughout the community as a tool to help those in need from Morris County. Numerous community partners and Law Enforcement personnel attended the event at the ‘CARES’ offices.

Prosecutor Knapp and Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seabury were recognized, along with Sheriff James M. Gannon, for their ongoing efforts in further educating our community about the opioid and heroin epidemic. Their partnership with ‘Morris CARES’, which stands for, Center for Addiction Recovery Education & Success, has helped dissolve the stigma around drug addiction in the Morris County community.

The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office has coordinated with the Board of Freeholders, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office, as well as local police departments and school districts to raise awareness about opioids and heroin. Informational meetings held at various high schools and other local venues have allowed parents to get a wealth of information from professionals, who deal with it first-hand. Sheriff Gannon was also recognized for his work to fight addiction and attendant stigma in Morris County. The Sheriff received his award for fighting addiction through the production of Hope One, a mobile access recovery system and the Hope Wing in the Morris County Correctional Facility for addicted inmates.

Prosecutor Knapp and Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seabury’s efforts in coordination with ‘Morris CARES’, have sought to benefit the entire community through education and a better understanding of the opioid and heroin epidemic. As members of the Morris County community continue to learn more about how to properly help those suffering from addiction, they will play a larger role in stemming the tide of heroin and opioid related casualties and crimes. With a better education across the board, parents, teachers, and local leaders will ultimately have more power.