Letter to the editor: Sports and Politics

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

We all love our athletic teams. We root for them, cheer their success and bemoan their failures.

This helps us feel connected and part of a group.

Political parties sometimes serve the same function.

There is a big difference. The coaches of our teams are selected by the owners or the school system or university.

Our political coaches, our mayors and governors, are selected by us when we vote.

The ones who call the shots in government are chosen by the voters.

If you don’t vote, you lose your chance to call the winning plays for your team: your town and state.

We may think we know what a particular party stands for, but in many cases it not that clear.

As far as local government goes, there really isn’t a Republican or Democratic way to fill potholes and collect garbage or enforce zoning.

In terms of local government, we can probably agree about the right calls:

We need a coach (mayor) who listens to us, forming an administration that will operate our town economically and fairly, provide the services that are needed and avoid patronage and favoritism.

That kind of government works for and represents all of us, not just some.

That is why I support the candidacy of Michael Soriano for Mayor of Parsippany.

An Eagle Scout, he holds a degree in Public Administration and has experience coordinating and supervising the work of others.

He will appoint qualified people. He will listen to citizen concerns. He will ensure that our tax dollars are being spent for the benefit of Parsippany-Troy Hills and its citizens.

Julia D Peterson