Letter to the editor: Team Barberio Accepts Endorsement from Candidate He Accused of Official Misconduct

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Recently, Parsippany Mayor Jamie Barberio remarked that he was proud to receive the endorsement of former Planning Board member Casey Parikh, who just a few months ago his campaign team had publicly accused of extensive misconduct in his role on the Planning Board.  

Indeed, Casey Parikh was removed from the Planning Board by Mayor Barberio, with an official letter from the Mayor’s office alleging the aforementioned misconduct, noting that Mr. Parikh was caught holding secretive, backroom meetings with developers and failed to disclose that he moved out of town while on the board. (Click here to read letter)

This opens up an interesting question. Was the Barberio campaign lying about Casey Parikh’s conduct as a member of the Planning Board? Or is Barberio proudly accepting the endorsement of an appointed official who he had discovered was violating the public trust?

Mayor Barberio owes the people of Parsippany an explanation about exactly what led him to kick Casey Parikh off of the Planning Board, and why he seems to have had such a sudden change of mind.

Michael Soriano, candidate for Mayor