Sean Ries was “Mayor for a day”

Sean Reis with his mom Brenda

PARSIPPANY — Mount Tabor student Sean Ries is an amazing ten year-old blessed with a special zest for life despite all that he has endured since 2012.

He captured the heart of Mayor Barberio who wanted to do something special for the young child who suffers from a dysembryoplastic neuroepithial tumor. Diagnosed at the age of five, Sean has had to undergo numerous brain surgeries, radiation and chemo.

Mayor Barberio, who was touched by Sean’s bravery, admired the way he has been fighting his disease – much like a warrior. In addition, Sean has been active in helping to raise awareness of pediatric cancer. Everyone who has met Sean, simply falls in love with him.

Thursday, September 21 began with a grandiose welcome to Town Hall where police, department heads and many employees saluted Sean as he entered the municipal building.

He was escorted into the Mayor’s Office where Mayor James Barberio relinquished his chair to Sean and told him that he was to preside over a staff meeting in the Council Chambers.

Sean rose to the occasion, where as Mayor of the Day, he addressed department heads with pressing issues. In celebration of Sean’s new position, refreshments were served.

The smile on Sean Ries’ face told the story of how proud and happy he was to assume the role as head of the largest municipality in Morris County. It was Mayor Barberio’s honor to take Sean and his mother, Brenda, to lunch as a gesture of appreciation for all that they have been through.