Mount Tabor to Crown King and Queen on August 4th

2017 Royal Court of Mount Tabor (l-r): Kimberly Love, Gianna Musto, Hannah Stroh, Joseph Wentworth, Jeremy Aguesseau and Victoria Huss. Photo by Carla Tucciarelli

PARSIPPANY — In keeping with a longtime community tradition, a new king and queen will be crowned in Mount Tabor on Friday, August 4 at 7:00 p.m. to kick off Children’s Day weekend.

The community of Mount Tabor will celebrate its elected royal court and crown the King and Queen of Children’s Day the evening of Friday, August 4. The 148th annual coronation is held in the historic Tabernacle, where afterwards the children of Mount Tabor perform a show for their new royalty. Later that evening a tour through the cozy town affords an opportunity to view elaborate house decorations, many of which will reflect this year’s theme of “Tabor Toons” (or “Tunes.”) Other homes may display more traditional lights and lanterns.

The 2017 queen is Hannah Stroh, who will be a sophomore at Parsippany Hills High School. Hannah enjoys playing the clarinet and bassoon, and is a member of the PHHS Marching Band.

This year’s king is Joseph Wentworth, also a PHHS sophomore this fall. Joseph plays drums and the trombone, and enjoys swimming and travel.

First attendant Gianna Musto plays volleyball and enjoys time with friends and her cats. She will be a sophomore at the Hills this fall.

First attendant Jeremy Aguesseau is a First Class Scout in Boy Scout Troop 173 and runs track and cross-country for Parsippany Hills High School, where he will be a sophomore this fall. He also enjoys cooking and camping.

The Queen’s second attendants are Victoria Huss and Kimberly Love. The rising junior of the group, Victoria plays basketball and softball, and enjoys shopping, swimming, fishing and cooking. Kimberly plays the violin, viola and French horn and also enjoys writing. She, too, starts her sophomore year at the Hills in September.

2016’s King and Queen, Liam Andersen and Teagan Wittig, will bestow the crowns at the coronation.

Each year the community of Mount Tabor celebrates the tradition of Children’s Day that began nearly 150 years ago as a simple Sunday school parade. This special event now brings all generations together and fosters a strong sense of community, treasured by all who live in Mount Tabor.

Through the streets of the historic district on Saturday, August 5, the royal court will lead a parade which features marching bands, community groups, costumes, decorated bicycles and wagons, maypoles and an array of creatively designed, people-powered floats. An afternoon midway offers food, games and children’s activities, and an evening concert – traditionally sponsored by the Wentworth family – provides entertainment for the families of Mount Tabor and their guests. The weekend concludes with a non-denominational worship service Sunday morning.