Parsippany Police Chief Philipps offers Crime Prevention Tips

Although none of the vehicles had force entrance, a reminder to lock your cars when parked

Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Chief Paul Philipps

PARSIPPANY — Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Chief Paul Philipps offers crime prevention tips.

Due to the numerous cars stolen or broken into over the last few months here are few simple tips to combat these thefts.

  1. Do not keep spare keys inside your vehicle. Almost every motor vehicle theft committed this year, the suspect had the key.

  2. Lock your vehicle. Thieves go through neighborhoods and parking lots pulling on handles of vehicles to find unlocked doors. Why you ask? The car alarm usually won’t sound and they do not have to smash a window to get into your vehicle. If the vehicle is locked, most of the time they will bypass your vehicle unless you do not follow #3.

  3. Any valuables should be removed from the car during the night or hidden out of sight. To further that, do not leave purses,bags or valuables sitting on the seat of your vehicle when you go into work, a store, or the gym. Criminals will shatter your window and take these items.

To report a crime, call Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Department at (973) 263-4300.