Update: Dog found on Littleton Road and Route 10


PARSIPPANY — The story appeared on Parsippany Focus on July 9. The story was read by over 35,000 people, shared over 120 times (that we can track) and still no one came forward to claim this beautiful dog.

She was brought into someone’s home and has been enjoying her temporary home.  Please keep sharing the article, as we would like to find her owners.

The dog did have a microchip, but it was not registered. Her markings make her look sad but her tail wags nonstop. She loves playing catch and is very affectionate.

Please share so we can find her owner. Contact Focus at (800) 242-4349 and we will put you in touch where she is located.

She is staying safe in a nice home until she is reunited with her owners. This photo was taken on July 13, days after she was found wondering on Littleton Road and Route 10, Parsippany