Art Displays at the Parsippany Main Library

The Parsippany Library is featuring displays this month by local artists

Crochet pieces by Saanvi Vavilala

PARSIPPANY — Name the Book contest for children ages 5-10. Stop by the large display case in  the Main Library’s lower level and see if you can guess the titles of the books represented! The contest ends on July 31, 2017.

Two children with correct answers will each receive a trophy. All materials and trophies have been donated by the Hills of Troy Neighborhood Association. The displays were created by Warren Singer with assistance from Alexa Lynch. Warren Singer retired from teaching in 2004. Since retirement he has been keeping active by teaching science lessons, on a voluntary basis in several classes in different school districts. During this time he has also (as a volunteer) written science curriculum, created science learning centers, and designed Interpretive Nature Trails along with accompanying brochures..

Paintings on Canvas by Devansh Barot

Devansh Barot, a high school student, son, brother, friend, cousin and an artist. Loving art, he is able to devote a large portion of his free time to creating and coming up with ideas to make new projects. Balancing school, social and creative life is a job all in itself. He creates paintings to express his views, feelings, observations and himself in various ways. This journey started by watching a couple of videos on YouTube of artists creating works of art and with a feeling of “I want to do this too.” His expedition begun with one very small and simple painting but as time progressed, he made a plethora of paintings with various sizes and levels of complexity. His wish is to one day put every possible aspect of life on canvas and convey it through his art. He continues to learn new ways to paint and uncover new secrets in the vast world of art. He creates artwork keeping in mind one of the foundations of all art regardless the medium, as stated by the legendary artist Edgar Degas- “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Clay and Crochet Creations by Saanvi

Vavilala Saanvi Vavilala is 12 years old and loves arts and crafts. Whenever she has time she likes to sculpt clay and make figurines of a variety of things. She also enjoys crocheting that her “wonderful” mom taught her!