Council Vice President Peluso captures runaway dog


PARSIPPANY — On Monday, April 10, Council Vice President was on his way to IHOP, 792 Route 46, Arlington Shopping Plaza to a Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Upon entering the parking lot he seen a distressed dog running around aimlessly heading towards Route 46.

He immediately got out of his vehicle and approached the dog.  The dog continued his path towards Route 46. This was about 6:00 p.m. and the traffic on Route 46 was heavy at the time. He was able to call the dog and the dog actually listened and came back to Mr. Peluso. Mr. Peluso was able to catch the dog and hold and pet the dog and make him feel comfortable. The dog was scared and lost at the same time.

He then approached someone in the parking lot, who obtained water for the dog, which was thirsty from running and trying to find his way home.  He then read the name on the dog tag, and “Jake” had a telephone number which he called and the call went to voice mail. He then texted the individual letting them know he had the dog.  A few minutes later someone called back and he explained where the dog was.  The family was excited and said they were out searching for the dog for some time now, and would meet Mr. Peluso in the parking lot.

The family arrived, mom and three youngsters who was happy to be reunited with their dog and took the dog home.

The family resides in Huntington Ridge Condo off of Route 46 and North Beverwyck Road.

The family was grateful and thanked Mr. Peluso for saving the dog.