Letter to the editor: Parsippany Focus has become a true champion for the people of Parsippany


Dear Parsippany Folks,

Parsippany Focus has become a true champion for the people of Parsippany.  The letter to the editor in the issue below raises serious questions about the behavior of Mayor Barberio and Township Attorney John Inglesino.

Focus article after Focus article has contained invaluable information on the goings-on in our township government, many of which have been of questionable legality.  (You can sign up for emails like the one below on the Focus website.)

In the past, Mayor Barberio’s election strategy has been to run a smear campaign against any challenger.  I cannot think of one case in which the mayor’s sickening claims have been correct.  Each one appears to have been invented.  Maybe the extremist liberal super PAC that supports the Mayor provides the invented dirt.

Nonetheless, he’s won each election.  Apparently smear campaigns work.

Township Council Vice President Robert J. Peluso has announced that he is running for Mayor.  I’ve met Mr. Peluso and know him to be a well-educated, bright, sincere and capable individual whose character and honesty are beyond reproach.

It will be interesting to see what the Mayor invents to smear this honorable man.

Jack Puglis