Letter to the editor: Fake News? Why does an honest Mayor need his own Media Hype? 


Dear Editor:

Its funny how as soon as Trump started the “Fake News” trend Barberio and Inglesino latched on to it immediately. All they have to do is respond to the articles and have the facts checked or have transparency to the elements of the issue; simple right? Wonder how Barberio is really paying for his Plug into Parsippany; he claims its his own money…Interesting that photos were taken by Township employees are appearing on his “personal” blog!

You know they refused my OPRA requested twice; claimed it would be too complicated to itemize all the lawsuits. Remember if Parsippany had completed the Regional Management Consistency Process started in July 2010 ended June 2014 we would have legal protections against developers lawsuits; developers would be suing the State and therefore have a much higher bar to overcome. Inglesino would perhaps still make some money.

Waterview would of never had the outcome it did, and Forge Pond would of happened without all the lawsuits, the original 135 acres turned out to be 124 of which 109+ are wetlands which cannot be developed anyway.

Barberio stated at a Council meeting he likes dealing with Mosberg; why? Waterview even under COAH environmental polices would not be considered for public housing, this was a scam by Inglesino to have his Whole Foods buddies scare everyone, RD certainly acted in bad faith, yet Inglesino dismissed the one case in Morristown, where they attempted to initiate their own COAH polices, the Judge should of immediately dismissed the case; as the issue was not Housing, but refusal of the rezoning, then Inglesino dismissed without prejudice. Keeping RD right alive and well over Parsippany’s grassroots victory, council no vote, no rezone.

Affordable Housing is an obligation, all Parsippany had to do was treat it that way, instead they used it as a fear tactic, instead of working with all parties concerned. Parsippany did not seek a declaratory judgement until other so-called economic improvements were allowed to succeed. Remember also under regional conformance under the Highlands water Protection and Planning Act an agreement is still in effect for conforming communities, with lower housing numbers, with important environmentally sensitive landscapes, and higher standards for water infrastructure.

Rejecting conformance cost tax payers more and is degrading our quality of life. Parsippany is entirely in the planning zone, but developers do not have environmental best practices and ignore landscape characteristics; their plans erase the land, for profit motives. Christie’s NJDEP rubber stamps, favoring private economic concerns over the long term, accumulative affects of corporate interest. Parsippany has more than enough for redevelopment, no new land destruction is necessary. 

Finally is tax ratable chase really worked Parsippany would never be in need of another tax increase, but possibility a decrease. Just think of the money wasted with the lawsuits to nowhere under the Inglesino/Barberio administration. Our Master Plan remains silly putty under this administration. Don’t forget the $3.5 Million we still owe RD developer for the buffer zone, called open space at waterview. This is surely corruption.

In a town where the administrator does most of the work and the Attorney does most of the talking and negotiations with corporate powers and our master plan, why do we need a mayor at all? A mayor’s job is to look after his community, not create jobs for outside interest or giving tax breaks to billion dollar profit corporations like UPS. Their PILOT deal (pay in lieu of taxes) is not a ratable, but a sweetheart deal, $800,000 over a thirty year period if some loophole does not allow them to avoid that during the period. The mayor claimed more office square footage is now occupied because of him, in reality more office space was created in order to do this; UPS new modern office complex; which will bring more traffic, more environmental impacts, and leave plenty of empty office buildings for other needs, (including the office it abandoned in Paramus) or just call it office blight. Regional Planning is Parsippany only hope, any good leader would see this.

When making local planning decisions a municipality must consider the impact of its initiatives on the entire region. The community that wishes to truly determine its future will the additional step of advocating for the creation of a regional Master Plan. Parsippany is rather an enemy of good planning sides with developers over its own citizens and has taken slight to water protection and planning all to favor a law firm and corporate developers. Parsippany committees, open space, environmental, transparency, are purely cosmetic and are not allowed to be active in any sphere of influence to the benefit of life here. This also smells of corruption. 

Nick Homyak
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034