Family Promise held “An Evening of Promise”

Recognizing Volunteers and Community Service

Becky Pruitt receiving the Community Impact Award

Stephen W. Hammond, P.E., President, welcoming the audience

RANDOLPH — Family Promise of Morris County (FPMC)  held their annual “An Evening of Promise,” on Thursday, March 30 at the Meadow Wood Manor, 461 Route 10, Randolph.

Each year Family Promise of Morris County and Greenberg Traurig presents the Community Impact Award to honor organizations and individuals that are making a tangible impact in our community.

Becky Pruitt recognizes the efforts that further the mission of Family Promise of Morris County to end the crisis of homelessness facing families in Morris County.

She embodies the spirit of community impact, giving of her time, talent and treasure to assist FPMC and her community to help those less fortunate on the path to self-sufficiency.

Becky serves as Congregation Coordinator for Ledgewood Baptist Church. The role of Congregation Coordinator requires time commitment and planning all church volunteer activities related to hosting our families including meals and overnight stays.

Through their family business, Sam’s Automotive Repair, Becky and her husband Sam have provided countless discounts and free services to help the families get their donated and late model cars in safe operating condition to support transportation needs.

Sam’s Automotive is a trusted institution in the Morristown area with the family setting the standard of service and integrity. They have provided service to keep the FPMC agency vehicles running in top condition too.

“Sam grew up in Morristown and we started our business here in 1992. We are deeply connected to this community and are committed to living the values and pride instilled in us by our mentors and our church. The support we provide to Family Promise is one of the ways we give back. We are grateful to be in a position to help those in need and it has been very rewarding for me and Sam,” said Becky.

Successful community impact is rooted in our ability to respond to needs that are unmet and people who are underserved through the efforts of our volunteers. Becky helps us exceed in this area. Her impact comes from more than just donated goods and services. Her impact comes from donating her time and her tireless commitment to helping others. One of the unique attributes of all Family Promise volunteers is they achieve community impact through collaboration and Becky excels at this.

Becky and Sam are also participating landlords in our Keys to Housing Program helping us spread the benefits of this program even further. Becky also supports many other local charities.

Family Promise of Morris County is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit organization dedicated to ending the crisis of homelessness faced by Morris County families by partnering with other public and private agencies, religious congregations and community volunteers to provide shelter, case management and mentoring services leading to self-sufficiency.

In 2016, Family Promise of Morris County served 912 individuals, including more than 130 children. They are proud to provide ongoing support to some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

In their Emergency Shelter (ES) Program in 2016, they served ten families and three single women, totaling 32 individuals, and provided 4,880 bed nights. Emergency Shelter has continued its great success rate throughout the years, which reflects the number of families who move out of shelter into homes of their own. In 2016, Emergency Shelter had a 80% success rate. Click here to view our 2016 ES statistics.

Our Community Support Programs (CSP) served 34 families, including 48 children and 17 single individuals and achieved a high success rate in 2016, helping families maintain their housing in the community. In 2016, CSP had a 98% success rate. Click here to view our 2016 CSP statistics.

They served 65 families, including 245 individuals, through the Holiday Program, providing food, gifts and resources that our families rely on throughout the year. Click here to view their 2016 statistics.

At the Our Promise Drop-in Center in Morristown, they served 667 individuals in 2016, providing critical services to the area’s chronically homeless population.

Family Promise of Morris County provides emergency shelter and meals 365 days a year through a network of over 70 houses of worship in Morris County. Families facing homelessness (up to 14 individuals at a time) stay at different congregations of all faiths each week where dedicated volunteers provide a safe and comfortable temporary home for our families including sleeping quarters and a place where guests can relax, socialize, do homework and watch television.

During the day, families may utilize the Day Center to meet with their case manager, access phones and computers, and use the shower and laundry facilities.

A coordinator at each congregation is responsible for scheduling volunteers to prepare meals, serve as evening and overnight hosts, coordinate activities, organize supplies and assist the families as needed. If you are interested in volunteering in the network, please contact Family Promise for more information.

For more information, please click here to view the brochure or contact Family Promise at (973) 998-0820 or

Members of the Board of Trustees include Stephen W. Hammond, P.E., President, County of Morris, Retired; Karen DeChristopher, Vice President, Western Pest Services; Wendi Mazzucco, Secretary, Verve Marketing Services; Edward Peña, Treasurer, ProSight Specialty Insurance; Rev. A. Craig Dunn, First Baptist Church of Madison, Matthew Masterson, CFP®, RegentAtlantic; Frank Novak, AIG; Eleni Pellazgu, PhDc, MSN, APN; Atlantic Health System; Diana L. Riddle, DoD Navy; William Stroever, Esq., Greenberg Traurig and Heather Ward, Mars Chocolate North America.