Parsippany’s Expert: Aurora Information Security & Risk Found Liable for Fraud UPHELD

The District Court found much of Ferrante’s testimony not credible

Township Attorney John Inglesino and Aurora owner Matthew Ferrante

PARSIPPANY — On November 7, 2016, United States Court of Appeals found Mayor James Barberio and Township Attorney John Inglesino’s expert witness, (in the Captain James Carifi lawsuit), Matthew Ferrante “Not Credible” and ordered to pay Douglas Ferguson $371,594.34. This particular lawsuit was between Aurora (Matthew Ferrante) and a former business partner named Douglas Ferguson.

The three Judges for the second circuit Court of Appeals, Pierre N. Leval, Robert D. Sack and Reena Raggi all ruled in favor to uphold New York Southern District Court Judge Valerie Caproni’s decision finding Aurora Information Security & Risk and Matthew Ferrante liable for fraud.

Aurora Information and Security Risk founder Matthew Ferrante
Aurora Information and Security Risk founder Matthew Ferrante

As listed in the Judges’ “Summary Order” under “Liable for Fraud” they stated “By contrast, the District Court found much of Ferrante’s testimony not credible.  See e.g. id at 19 (Observing that Ferrante was “Largely not credible” in that he adhered to “An implausible narrative,” and his demeanor “Bespoke a witness who had predetermined what testimony he thought would be favorable and was resolved to provide it, without regard to whether it was true”).

The District Court ultimately concluded that “Ferrante” told Ferguson whatever Ferrante thought he wanted to hear in order to persuade him.”

3daycalendarAurora Information Security & Risk and Matthew Ferrante were hired by Township Attorney John Inglesino with Mayor Barberio’s approval to investigate Captain James Carifi the day after his brother, Paul Carifi Jr. announced his candidacy for Mayor in January 2013.

This was also, two days after Councilman Louis Valori secretly tape recorded (click here to listen to audio) a Sunday night (January 13, 2013) meeting at Parsippany Municipal Building where Valori accused Mayor Barberio and John Inglesino of bribing him with a job offer for $50,000 a year. The matter was investigated by Somerset County Prosecutors Office and no charges were filed.

Parsippany Focus previously reported that Aurora Information Security & Risk was suspended by the State of New Jersey and was not allowed to do business with any municipality while suspended.  (Read previous article by clicking here)

However, Mayor Barberio and John Inglesino continued to work with and pay Aurora during this suspension time.  The suspension time for Aurora Information Security & Risk as per the State of New Jersey was from January 16, 2014 to May 13, 2015. (Click here to view State of New Jersey official document.) It was also reported that none of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Council members approved the services Aurora Information Security & Risk.

Township Attorney John Inglesino has billed Parsippany over one million dollars alone in fees Aurora Information Security & Risk has charged for investigating Captain Carifi.

To view the published opinion of the Court of appeals No: 15-3323-cv (2d Cir. Nov. 7. 2016) click here.

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