Letter to the editor: Where is our Declaratory Judgment?

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lettersDear Editor:

Where is our Declaratory Judgment? Where is the exact number of the obligation; Regional and Local? 

This letter is in support of the recent letter to the editor by a Parsippany resident protesting the sending of three municipal secretaries to Atlantic City; for what seems to be a good time or change of pace at taxpayers expense.

Perhaps a conference on Fair Share Housing’s proper obligation and application methods. Almost a year ago the Mayor rejected the Administrators advice to seek separate council in applying Parsippany’s Affordable Housing obligation if any.

Instead we have our township attorney acting as judge and jury making closed door deals with developers without the citizens input, or the essential parties necessary to accomplish the intention of the law. Without knowing the regional obligation and how it applies or not to Parsippany’s situation we cannot know any actual numbers. We were told Par-Troy was in good standing; now we are about to give ourselves over to developers and destroy more sensitive landscapes. We must ask; why would Parsippany not seek a declaratory judgement; as Town Administrator, Ellen Sandman recommended nearly one year ago?

See no other reason than to help corporate developers disregard our Master Plan and inflict unnecessary housing developments, for no just cause. Where is our declaratory Judgement? Make it known and transparent. Parsippany has plenty of housing. Our Town Attorney is too close to too many developers for us to receive a fair-share; has our Council simply given in? Instead of adhering to a legal obligation, we are helping developers overcome hardship due to bad investments of property, wetlands, steep slopes,  remaining forest, water recharge using housing as the method to rezone and ignore our Master Plan, disgrace!

Nick Homyak