Letter to the editor: Lake Parsippany is targeting Asian-Indian community

parsippany focus

lettersDear Editor:

I would like to thank Parsippany Focus for bringing the attention about the assessment fee in Lake Parsippany.

I am a resident of Lake Parsippany and I have few other family members living in this area and own property for many years.

This kind of idea to collect assessment fees are direct target to Asian-Indian community since there population is getting larger. We have alot of seniors living here with limited income and can’t afford any additional expenses. Our tax dollars are already going to maintain this lake.  If the association can’t manage the lake please surrender the property to the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills.  

If they make the change to impose any fees we will fight this in Morris County Superior Court legally.

There are many things being negotiated behind closed doors and not inviting everyone that is involved to the meetings.  At least they could let everyone they will be charging the assessment fee to be heard.

Many residents oppose this annual mandatory assessment.