Letter to the editor: More on Lake Parsippany Easement Assessment

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lettersDear Editor:

As a lifelong resident for 35 years. Here are some facts about the LPPOA that were not shared on Thursday, October 13.

Back Story. My family has bought memberships since 1962. This year we did not. Family membership is up to 475.

1- 1980 town agrees to handle all major issues dealing with damns, dyke and spillways.

2- 1992- LPPOA spends 26,000 on a gas powered speed boat for security. Said boat was left in lake over winter and sunk. A loss for members

2A- 1992- beach shuts down due to algea growth bc we have no money bc it was spent on a speed boat.

3- In 1993 town of parsippany offers to take over “all maintenance” of lake parsippany, including lawn, tree, beach maintenance and security for the exchange of 30 family passes for under privilege families. Plus insurance (which we will get to later) for ice skating. LPPOA votes against bc they dont want to bring in the “rift raft” from the apartments. Badge prices at this time- $200 per family. Once again a loss for members.

4- 1994- Private company offers to dredge lake parsippany for free. Thats right. FREE! They were going to dig and remove all sut and soil for free. A million dollar job. Greedy LPPOA turns offer down bc they wanted to be paid for the soil that was removed.

5- Since 1989 lake membership is down over 150% and membership price has raised over 125%. If a restaurant that served bad food and had no customers, do you raise the price of food to make up for what “you” are loosing? No. That’s people who have no business skill.

6- 1996- LPPOA takes $25,000 from then Mayor of Parsippany Mimi Letts to allow the toxic run off from Route 80 and 287 to now go into lake parsippany for life. So for a one time fee, or price of a speed boat, 25,000 we are stuck with the toxic run offs. Including the big oil tanker accident that happened on Route 80 in 2000. Gallons of oil spilt into lake. Fishing and algae growth at its worst following this for the next ten years. Google the chemicals they use to clean up oil and gas on highways. People wear protective suits to administer it, yet they let us swim in it.

7- No ice skating because of insurance purposes. However, the person who buys our insurance for the lake does it thru their own company that they work for. As a lake under 25 feet deep. We automatically do no need any form of insurance. Or is a swim at your own risk lake. Therefore someone gets a kickback and your membership pays for it and still you get no ice skating. Their answer…. Build an ice skating rink on the beach. 2 1/2 miles of lake and they are spending your membership to build an ice skating rink. Think about that!!!

8- They removed the nicest land mark the lake had 12 foot.

9- Over $3000 spent every year on the stocking of the lake with trout. Any fisherman knows trout need an average of 14 to 32 feet of water with an average temperature around 56° or they die. So yes, we know the lake has none of these qualities. Once again a waste of your money..

10- There have been 2 piranhas caught in Lake Parsippany over the last month and no one has said a thing about it. Nor has a memo gone out about a fish that can hurt and damage you.

11- The beach would not even survive without the person they have running it today. Yet when I was a kid 3 beaches were packed, not 1, with 20 families on a Saturday. You had to fight for a spot.

12- Go look at the beach on a weekend. I’m not talking about the transplants who have no clue what Lake Par once was. Its an embarrassment.

13- Can not compare us to Indian Lake. They have motor boats. Ice Skating. Ice fishing. Dredge lake yearly for maintaining docks and surrounding areas. A free clam bake for all residents. And no extra fee for beach. Its apples and oranges so good try for that letter to the editor. Their $135 covers 12 months of activities. Ours goes from fishing opening day, April 1 until October 15. Therefore we should be half of that.

14- Bill Sempier personally shuts down the beach the day before Labor Day because its his birthday by re moving the docks and slides…. Ask a few members about what happened this year. Once again they don’t care about you.

15- There is no president nor has there been one since Dan O’Connor in 2012. Think why that is.

Lastly, If they had nothing to hide, these meetings would be open to all residents not the less than 100 family memberships out of 2100. When you hide stuff you are sneaky. That pamphlet was a joke.

You want our money? Hold a public meeting.

So to sum it up LPPOA

KISS MY TAX! We say No!

Name Withheld, on file at Parsippany Focus