Resident sounds off about proposed Lake Parsippany Easement Assessment

Lake Parsippany

lettersDear Editor:

The following was confirmed by the Township at the Thursday, October 6, 2016 Township Council meeting.

The Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills maintains and restores The Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association’s (LPPOA) dams, dikes, spillway, spillway bridge, detention and retention basins at no cost to the LPPOA. The township has been paying the bill since the 1980.  

Lake Parsippany Property Owners remember that when the Lake Parsippany Board of Directors presents you with a mandatory assessment fee of $115.00 next year.

The largest part of any lake budget is the maintenance of the dams and dikes.

The LPPOA does not have to worry about these maintenance and restoration costs. Your tax dollars already go to the maintenance and the restoration of the LPPOA’s dams, dikes, spillway, spillway bridge, detention and retention basins.

This IS YOUR FAIR SHARE obligation to the Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association.

The Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association has presented a plan to assess the 2,204 home owners who live within the lakes boundaries an assessment fee each year. This assessment would be passed down to any person who will buy their house in the future. Great selling point! Don’t think so!

Their budget proposed for 2017 states the mandatory assessment fee would be $115.00. The Association states that they would will keep that rate in future years. Sound like the same rhetoric you hear about your TAX BILLS. The resolution of the Board of Trustees of Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association (if passed) states: A collection policy will be established for property owners who refuse to pay the assessment, which will include late payment charges, attorney’s fees and costs of collection and a lien on the delinquent property. The association should not demand money from area lake residents. They need to realize everyone does not have the time to sit on a beach in the summer. The residents are people who work hard for their money just to pay their bills. Residences don’t need another bill because an association thinks they need more money.

Call or email the Board of Directors of the LPPOA. JUST SAY NO TO THIS UNFAIR ASSESSMENT before the October 19, 2016 vote.

Very truly yours
Name withheld
(on file at Parsippany Focus)