Letter to the editor: Parsippany’s Township Attorney: Are Family Member’s ABOVE the Law? Only Time Will Tell!


MailboxsmallDear Editor:

Parsippany’s Township Attorney: Are Family Member’s ABOVE the Law? Only Time Will Tell! Some may already have the answer to this question. Others will have to wait until this matter is addressed by Jefferson Township’s Municipal Court Judge William Bowkley and Jefferson’s Municipal Court Prosecutor James LaSala.

On June 21, 2016 Denis Driscoll’s daughter, was involved in a terrible crash that resulted in the death of Richard Bianculli in Jefferson Township. Denis Driscoll is a high profile attorney and a partner in the John lngelsino law firm.

The lngelsino law firm represents Parsippany Township. Ms. Driscoll was given a ticket for being in violation of New Jersey’s Graduated License Law by having more than the allowed amount of people in her car while driving.

Also, Ms. Driscoll was given a ticket for an unsafe lane change when she crashed into Mr. Bianculli who was driving his motorcycle and caused his death.

According to published articles, Ms. Driscoll has not been charged with any criminal offenses. Is that because of the powerful influence this law firm has over the decision makers? Oddly enough, in a similar case, Mr. Driscoll had reported to the authorities that Rockaway Township Police Officer Clifton Gauthier attempted to persuade him to dismiss a ticket when Mr. Driscoll was the Municipal Prosecutor for Rockaway Township. Did Mr. Driscoll attempt to persuade the decision makers not to file criminal charges against his daughter?

It will be interesting to see how these two motor vehicle tickets Ms. Driscoll received withstand the power of the political machine the John lngelsino law firm brings and certainly will bring. Especially to a Municipal Court in the same county that Mr. Driscoll himself was a Municipal prosecutor in for several towns.

Will Judge William Bowkley and prosecutor James LaSala succumb to the pressure or will they honor and uphold the law that they took an oath to administer? Only time will tell! No court date has been set as of today.

If you have an interest in justice or just the opposite (injustice), I implore your readers to contact the Jefferson Municipal Court at (973) 208-6129 and find out when this case is going to be scheduled and witness which type of justice will prevail.

According to the Civil lawsuit (Docket# L-1773-16) filed by John J. Secura Ill in Morris County Civil Court against Mr. Denis Driscoll and his daughter, it says that Ms. Driscoll recklessly and negligently made an illegal lane change across multiple lanes on Route 15 and crashed into Mr. Bianculli causing his death.

The civil lawsuit also says that upon information and belief, Denis Driscoll knew that his daughter would be operating the vehicle in violation of the New Jersey’s Graduated License Law.

This Civil lawsuit in this case was given to Parsippany Focus so that this information could be verified.

Either way, this is a tragedy all the way around, but will the Driscoll’s be held accountable for their actions? Again, only time will tell!

Ken Osmond
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