Aurora Information Security & Risk Suspended by the State of NJ

Not authorized to work for any municipality during suspension period.


PARSIPPANY — Parsippany Focus has learned that Aurora Information Security & Risk, the computer firm hired by Township Attorney John Inglesino and which billed Parsippany nearly 1 million dollars for imaging the hard drive of a Parsippany Police Captain, was operating under a suspended business registration in the State of New Jersey from the period of January 16, 2014 through May 13, 2015.

During the period Aurora was suspended from doing business with government entities, they billed the Township of Parsippany via Inglesino’s firm, $564,697.88

It was during this timeframe that the Township entered into an ‘Accord and Satisfaction’ agreement with Aurora.

Click here to view official document from State of New Jersey.

N.J.S.A. 52:32-44 imposes certain requirements upon a business competing for, or entering into a contract with a State Agency. Chapter 57 expands the requirement of business registration to business organizations competing for, or entering into contract with the following public contracting agencies.

A contracting agency may not enter into a contract with a contractor unless it has received proof of business registration: (a) at the time of bid or proposal submission, in response to a request for bids or proposals; or (b) for all other transactions, prior to issuance of a purchase order or other contracting documents.

  • For any purchases of goods or services made by a contracting agency under a State of New Jersey Purchasing Contract, or any other authorized cooperative purchasing agreement, the contracting agency awarding the contract shall receive and hold the proof of registration. 
  • For bids and request for proposals, the contracting agency must keep the proof of business registration in the file where documents relating to the contract are maintained. 

On Monday Parsippany Focus emailed Mayor Barberio, Mr. Inglesino, Aurora founder Matthew Ferrante, Township Labor Attorney Stephen Trimboli, current and former Council members, Business Administrator Ellen Sandman, and Township Purchasing Agent Michael Hardie for a comment.

No one responded for comment.