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lettersDear Editor:

Paul Carifi, Jr. needs to be elected because he opposes waterview.

Civilization is defined as steady “improvement” of a society. How can more and more of the same proved wrong scenarios like sprawl development be allowed and encouraged. Parsippany a once Arcadian type country landscape is already degraded from such past corporate impacts that have undermined community in America. Our last wooded lot on Route 46 is not only an important landscape because of its “aquifer recharge” and “remaining biodiversity” but because it demonstrates that our present Town Leaders are not up to stuff on the very times they are living in and seem to part of the me generation in politics; ignoring science and the future for short term financial gains that detract from quality of life issues.

State Master Plans for development are being tossed aside for some private interest. Rutgers University studies, New Jersey Highlands Regional Plans and sound science concerning Climate Change caused by fossil fuels and human life styles are likely being ignored. A Town-Councilman stated at a previous meeting addressing Waterview quote; ‘we have plenty of water’ when asked about the circumstance of facts that found Waterview was an aquifer recharge. He went on to say that, ‘we are asked to conserve water only because of times of future drought’. The fact is Parsippany needs to buy water from two other water companies that belong to corporations, private sources of what should be publicly owned water sources. Parsippany cannot meet their required needs without doing so.

One of the most important factors about living in Parsippany that we should take pride in is that we are part of the New Jersey Highlands; this seems to mean little to the present leaders. The Highlands of New Jersey make up 17% of the States landmass and supplies 65% of the water supply. The continued destruction of the Highlands landscapes is and does have an impact and accumulative effect of that water source and the health and well-being of the population that uses it. Impervious surface that already abounds in Parsippany’s many developed places deprives the aquifers health and available water recharge; 40% or less of the water taken for various uses returns to the aquifer. The more development the more storm-runoff is allowed to pollute our water sources.

Their contention is that because it is number 15 or 14 or 17 best places to live in the area, which is really conjecture and according to class and money of who’s who. Their other cry is taxes, which can change at any time due to many social factors. Middle class Americans on a whole pay an unfair share of taxes and receive less and less for their taxes. Whereas Corporations (like the developers) do not pay their fair share, undermine government itself to keep it that way. Quality of life cannot be measured unless a community sense exits. Community is people and landscapes. Has not Parsippany been over-developed? In actuality Parsippany a once “Arcadian” community has already been spoiled in many ways by not keeping a balance between community and smart development. If our present Town Administrators do not respect the State of NJ Master Plan for development and make statements that are not true about water sources and our potential positive role to play in the future of the Highlands Protections, they should not be in office and surely not re-elected to office. The land belongs to all of us and most of all the future, we must hand it over in good condition. We are only sojourners passing through. Shall we pass through as keepers of the garden with understanding and compassion to guide our senses and responsibility or pass through like plunders and pirates always taking from and never giving or learning anything greater than what is right for me and mine in my time?

The most important aspect of this coming Mayoral Election is not Democratic or Republican but what is right for all Americans; a people and land. Let this election bring a better moment to protect our land and community against forces that are apart from not a part of a greater theme of life. The developer RDR is not part of our Parsippany, when the Planning Board and the Mayor voted to advance the rezoning ordinance they separated themselves from any sense of community and crossed the line into self-interest. Their demonstration of lack of concern and knowledge of the environmental issues of our times surely disqualifies them. How can RDR developer supersede the overwhelming desire of the community to oppose an unneeded, unwanted threat not only to the quality of life but to the very planet itself? RDR land destruction at Waterview if allowed, will only further the climate change occurring by adding to the sum total of accumulative effects.

It should be mentioned in conclusion that our Highlands are even now being unduly and unjustly impacted by the large proliferation of pipeline projects of the large fossil fuel interest. These pipelines bring destruction of forest, public lands introduce dangerous chemicals into our environments and destroy communities in their path; so Waterview and its 26 plus acres become even more important to protect. Progress is no longer progress but destruction and it has passed its true value as to bring quality to all life except the developer. It is no longer a source of well-being.

Nick R Homyak
Lake Hiawatha

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